Episode 7: Countdown to Gas-tastrophe

Most human flatus contains methane — a reliable energy source — but just how much energy? Time for the team to find out!

Adam Savage is BACK and on the case with his six co-hosts, and you're in for a double dose of fun with two hours of MythBusters Jr on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 9p on SCIENCE

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Flatus Power: How much effective power can you really harness from a human fart?

You may have never heard the word flatus before, but we’re all certainly familiar with that particular bodily function that starts with an "F" and rhymes with "art". Farts contain a number of gases — methane being one of the most commonly known — but how much effective power can you really harness from them?

The MBJr's will synthesize a bunch of these emissions and run them through a gauntlet of tests, gradually upping the ante to see if firing up a propane engine or powering a forklift can be done by a formation of farts!

Laser Flatus: Can a surgical laser ignite a fart?

You may have heard of this urban legend: during a laser surgery, a patient's intestinal gas was released at an inopportune moment and things went up in flames. But is that a fart fact or just flatulent fiction? Adam and the MBJr's are ready to put this myth to the test. Can the localized heat generated from a surgical laser be strong enough to ignite the requisite mix of human gas?

Try it out! 😲💨
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