A Permission Slip from Adam Savage

Today, Glitch is celebrating the launch of our friend Adam Savage's new book, Every Tool's a Hammer.

After 40-plus years of making, Adam has solved his fair share of problems. He's also picked up plenty of lessons along the way. Part memoir, part creative toolkit, his book confirms what we've suspected all along: making is messy, and filled with screw-ups. We hope the book will both permit and inspire you to get comfortable, and have some fun on your path to creativity.

At Glitch, we live by those same principles. We don't wait until everything is perfect to begin a project. Like Adam, we use what we have available. And when we need help, we ask our friends. After all, we're creators too.

In fact, earlier this year we collaborated with Adam on the launch of MythBusters Jr., transforming each episode's investigation into its own interactive app. You can find and play all of those apps here. In celebration of his new book, we took the liberty of updating one of our favorites.

Adam Savage's Whoopie Cushion is a tasteful app made for fun and remixing. Remixing it will give you your own working copy here on Glitch, which you can edit however you like. It comes pre-loaded with 3 awesome fart sounds, including one just for Adam!

When it comes to creativity, you can't take yourself too seriously. Every Tool's a Hammer gives you the permission slip to become your creative self by helping you find inspiration and follow through on making your ideas a reality.