Announcing Glitch for Visual Studio Code

You can now develop Glitch apps entirely using Visual Studio Code. Download our VS Code extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Glitch makes it easy to build, ship, and share apps on the web. A big part of how we make it so easy is by removing the technical barriers between you and creation. On Glitch, there are no servers or setup to worry about, you can collaborate on code in real-time, and changes are deployed to the web as you type.

Freedom to use the tools you want

Now, this should go without saying, but these days it’s important to be clear: on Glitch, you own your stuff. You can set whatever license you want, and there’s no lock-in keeping your code on Glitch. We don’t require any proprietary protocols or libraries so you can export your project and it will just work on other services without requiring any changes. When it comes to your code, you’re in control. And we want you to have that same freedom when it comes to tools too — that’s why we’re building Glitch to work with the developer tools you already use.

We integrate with GitHub to import and export your code, and you can deploy to Google’s Firebase. But now, we’re taking things a step further and enabling you to build your projects elsewhere.

Today, we’re announcing Glitch for Visual Studio Code. You can now develop Glitch apps entirely using Visual Studio Code, the most widely used developer environment.

Available in preview, you can download the Glitch VS Code extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

The extension enables real-time collaborative development of Glitch projects directly in VS Code. You can open Glitch projects and edit them using the VS Code editor. The changes you make are automatically deployed to the web just like on Glitch. In fact, any changes you make can be seen in the Glitch editor straight away too. So you’re able to collaborate on projects with friends and colleagues, whether you’re using VS Code or the Glitch editor. You can see when someone is active, and when any code has been selected or changed.

The full power of Glitch, just in VS Code

You have access to the full power of Glitch within VS Code — all key features are supported. So that means:

  • Rewind — look back through your code history, rollback changes, and see files as they were in the past with a diff.

  • Console — Open the console and run commands directly on your Glitch container.

  • Logs — See output in logs just like on Glitch.

  • Debugger — make use of the built-in Node debugger to inspect full-stack code.

With the release of the Glitch extension for VS Code, we’re taking our philosophy of no lock-in to the next level. And together, we’re helping to make building on the web more accessible than ever. We can’t wait to see what you create! 🎏🎆