Episode 272: Analise Cleopatra

Analise Cleopatra is an artist and art director located in Portland, OR.

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Analise Cleopatra is living proof that sometimes the things that you are seeking may take you on another path. I first learned about Analise through a reality show on YouTube called Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge, so that's where we started off our conversation, and she shared how she first got into sneaker design, and what it was like studying and working at Pensole Footwear Design Academy (as well as what it's like to be on a reality TV design show).

From there, Analise talked about what's happened since the show last year, including preparing for an artist residency, painting, writing, and even film making! While Portland is where Analise calls home for now, I have a feeling her talent and keen eye for design will take her all over the world. Learn more about her in this week's interview!


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