Episode 271: Bobby C. Martin, Jr.

Bobby C. Martin, Jr. is the co-founder and founding partner of Original Champions of Design in New York City.

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It's been a while since we first had Bobby C. Martin, Jr. on Revision Path, so I'm glad to have a chance to really sit down and talk with him to kick things off for our final month of interviews for 2018.

As the co-founder and founding partner of the Original Champions of Design, Bobby's identity design system work sets him in a class all his own. Whether he's handling rebranding for the WNBA or creating an identity system for the Girl Scouts, Bobby has helped elevate companies around the world.

We started off by talking about the business of OCD, including how it's changed with the times, how they find clients, and what it's like working with and building a team. From there, we took things back to Bobby's early days in Virginia, and he shared the inspirations and memories which influenced him as a designer, and we also talked about design curriculum, as well as what it feels like for him to occupy space as such a well-known designer. Bobby wants everyone to know that you can make a living from being a designer, and putting everything you can into your work is the key to success!


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